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We offer the service of a team of seasoned international bankers to review your institution's risk management processes, policies and training. This team, knowledgeable in corporate, institutional, consumer, property, operational and treasury risk management, brings multinational experience with an emphasis on emerging markets to each engagement. The outcome is an assessment, a comparison to best practices, a set of finite recommendations, and in some cases, remedial directives.

Client Profile
The review team brings their expertise to banks and firms expert in their own domestic markets with operations internationally, particularly in diverse emerging markets. Domestic risk management can be sound, but the vagarities of multinational risk add a dimension that requires external advisory services - and The Banking Group Team offers experience from inside some of the world's largest global banks.

The intent and the deliverables for each project focus on a thorough review of all policies and procedures, including training and knowledge management, in the risk management environment of the firm. These assessments of both policy and staff will be benchmarked against world class best practices and the gaps reported with recommendations for remedy.

Specific Topics
Corporate credit policy and process
Financial institiutions risk management
Treasury risk management
Real estate and property portfolio management
Operations and security risk
Risk training and knowledge management
Portfolio management
Management performance systems for risk management staff

An engagement is of short duration, with a project team comprised of internal managers and Banking Group experts. The design of the intervention includes a self assessment among senior staff, and interview with key executives. The actual review usually occurs in a single week's effort. Documentaation is reviewed and staff are interviewed in a Delphi methodology where interview results are compiled for statistical analysis.

Delivery of Analysis
The engeagement results in a brief elaborating the findings and key recommendations for management remedial efforts. These recommendations are across policy, process, training and data management dimensions, and the Banking Group team will elaborate specific steps to achieving remedy for each specific recommendation.

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