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A comprehensive platform of readings, lectures, cases studies, workshops and simulation was designed to synthesize the best of current practices in the formulation and implementation of business plans for financial institutions.

Target Audience
The seminar and follow-on support is intended for seasoned managers and professionals whose role includes managing or participating in the planning process. The ideal group will be heterogeneous across many divisions in the company and several levels of seniority.

The seminar brings the best of current data and practices to a level of understanding that can be taken back to the work environment and implemented immediately.

The seminar is a mix of the traditional process-oriented planning approach and the contemporary data-driven effort to maintain agility and knowledge.
Continuous strategic planning in the New Economy
Business ecosystems – collaborative competition
Shareholder value and value-based measurement
Specific Topics
A review of the fundamentals of strategy formulation and an update on the strategic planning process is followed by discussions of value propositions, core competencies, ecosystem evaluation, critical success factors, and discussions of the drivers of shareholder value. Consideration is given to strategic choices and the new BIS rules.

The current planning and capital budgeting process of the company is placed in the context of the most recent academic and consulting literature appropriate to the size of the bank. The lectures are selected to deconstruct the drivers of shareholder value and reassemble the components as part of a systematic, facilitated process: first in the simulated world and then for actual business cases which participants bring to the session. A knowledge management plan is also prepared and supported.

A design and development team of consultants and internal professionals conduct the analysis, design, and eventual evaluation. The consulting team is usually a senior facilitator for lectures and discussions and an additional workshop leader for each set of 25 participants. Syndicate rooms are required and an offsite venue preferred.

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