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The Financial Institutions Risk Management (FIRM) workshop uses new cases, data, and credit and risk methodology as a platform for updating and upgrading bankers’ knowledge and skills in Financial Institutions risk.

Target Audience
This seminar is a practical exercise targeted towards all those who have responsibility for financial institutions’ relationships and risks.

The seminar offers a systematic approach to the formulation and implementation of Financial Institutions Counterparty credit and risk policy. This is a comprehensive and practical workshop covering most aspects of counterparty risk and how to do it.

The underlying theme is that good risk analysis leads to a proper understanding of the financial institutions’ counterparty.
A disciplined approach to financial institutions risk policy
Sources of information, and the need to manage data
Anticipating problems and opportunities
Specific Topics
Credit scoring systems, rating agency analysis, investment bank models, risk policy, the warning signs of bank failure, managing relationships from a credit point of view, and trends for the future are typical topics covered in the seminar. There is room in the program for additional topics and guest speakers, if required—even the new BIS rules.

The framework for the seminar matches the framework for the risk analysis - if an institution has categories of analysis, then the modules, workshops and the case studies match the weighting of the analysis. Cases are selected from all around the world and participants are required to evaluate the cases as if it is a potential customer. They are required to set limits, suggest lines, and monitor needs. After the first day, the discussions are more sophisticated - moving into risk policy and issues involving risk weighting and netting, and debt structuring.

The duration of the seminar and workshops is two and a half days. One senior facilitator is required and it is suggested that a Senior Credit Officer also attend to expand the discussions to policy issues. If the simulation is included, a workshop leader is needed. Syndicate rooms are needed since the majority of the time is spent in case study discussions. Offsite venue is suggested but not required.

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