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This workshop covers a wide spectrum of security issues and risks businesses are exposed to in today's online global economy.

Target Audience
Anyone involved in the security of information for a company.

To develop a framework to effectively manage the security aspects of eCommerce. And to identify best practices and action plans drawn up to ensure ecommerce as a secure platform to do business.

Ecommerce applications available (EDI, internet web-based ecommerce and internet banking)

Specific Topics
Compromised message integrity
The role of government and private sector on privacy guidelines
Network security and handling fraud

Our agenda goes through motivation, means of attack, electronic weaponry, intellectual property, privacy and ethical issues, the security ecosystem, insurance, and future trends. There are also 'mini' cases to demonstrate some of these topics of discussion.

A one-day intensive workshop with lecture and many mini-cases to demonstrate best practices in various institutions and sectors.

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