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The academics. The consultants. The vendors. All have saturated publications, mailings, and seminars with the wonders of the e-learning concept. Difficult to refute, yet a challenge to implement, e-learning is costly and has no clear path to proven success as of yet. The products and services on offer bring with them the promise of only one sure thing - a large budget. Although some clear successes have emerged, results are thus far spotty,.

This workshop presents the array of solutions and concepts in the 'space' called e-learning. It provides success stories and not-so successful examples of projects from companies around the world. The participants will leave the seminar with a clear understanding of the criteria needed to determine their own choices for e-learning spending in their own organizations, and what problems and results to anticipate.

Target Audience
Managers and executives familiar with the concept of e-learning, but needing clarification for the purpose of actually choosing specific e-learning applications from many available and seemingly excellent offerings.

The participants will develop decision critieria e-learning efforts by sector and type, have examples against which to benchmark, and be able to anticipate implementation problems as well as potential 'best practices' in implementation (and avoid the pitfalls).

This is a workshop in the context of a 'neutral' perspective - the seminar leaders are not providers of e-learning. In point of fact, an extreme position for e-learning appears no longer valid - no e-learning or pure e-learning does not appear to be a path to success. A 'blended' approach, tailored to the needs of an organization, combining traditional training with coaching and mentoring and e-learning emerges as the dominant theme.

Specific Topics

  • The emergence of e-learning
  • Definitions
  • Advantages/Benefits
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Current overview on 'blended' approach
  • e-Learning Experiences (companies in the spotlight, current efforts, generic products and services)

The seminar one or two days, modular in design (so it is adaptable when integrated with other management development efforts) and highly interactive. The availability of on-line demos from many vendors can enhance the seminar, but will require the presence of the necessary technology.

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