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This is a workshop for managers of businesses transforming their current operating models to compete and operate in the world of ecommerce and the new economy.

Target Audience
Whether the most senior executive or the line manger – an individual developing the firm’s business model and business plan in the face of rapidly changing ecommerce challenges should attend this workshop. Some familiarity with ecommerce concepts is recommended but not required.

Following this workshop, managers will have the ability to transform all components of their business models and business plans to include ecommerce offerings, logistics, competition, and innovation. From the inclusion of comprehensive tactics (with examples) to long-range strategic alternatives, this seminar moves towards action planning and decision-making at the business unit level.

Incumbent and pure play business models
Evaluating a firms competitive ecosystem
Optimizing the use of data, information and knowledge
Specific Topics
The seminar elaborates generic business planning processes and business models, then elaborates value propositions and how they are impacted by the adoption of ecommerce methods. Agility, speed, micro-segmentation, and data mining are tools that are applied to the analysis of business ecosystems, rolling adaptation, and alliance building in the context of the new economy.

The workshop, on all topics, presents concepts at a high level theory, then elaborates known business examples, followed by the application to each participant’s individual business unit. A simulation is provided each half day to highlight the processes facing managers in the ecommerce environment

The seminar is one or two days, modular in design (so it is adaptable when integrated with other management development efforts) and highly interactive. Each participant receives pre-work, a notebook, and a CD-Rom with a library of reading references.

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