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For senior managers, learning cannot stop with a course or seminar. A Community of Practice is an internet-based portal carefully targeted to the specific professional information needs of the audience.

Target Audience
Executives and Senior Managers with a specific, well-targeted and defined area of professional interest who require the maintenance of current knowledge and information.

An internet portal tailored to the data and knowledge needs of a professional practice is compelling, constantly refreshed, provocative, and easy to use without complex navigation. The objective is maximum access to information with a minimum of technical or cultural barriers. Dialogue and debate are encouraged and an expert network provides access to regular and extraordinary questions for the professionals.

Access to information, data, expertise, and a network of professionals with equal and similar interests. A Community is never for sales or marketing, just knowledge.
- Newsfeeds
- Analysts’ and agency reports
- Online professional discussion and debate areas

Specific Topics
Technical analysis, recent research (before publication), migration and transfer of best practices, and an ‘expert network’ for difficult technical professional enquiries are the core of the Community of Practice. Webcasts and net conferences may also be provided

Based on the internet or in a corporate intranet, the Community is designed first and foremost for ease of use. It is assumed that the community members are professionals with little time to waste on the technology and the Community must be enticing in its elegance and simplicity.

The design and development is produced in collaboration with, and to the technical specifications of, the company’s IT experts. A core team, which may be internal or external to the company, provides the maintenance and renewal in an ongoing effort.

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