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We are recognized, simply put, as the leading provider of executive development courses for multinational financial services organizations in our areas of expertise.

- Strategic Management of a Financial Services Firm
- Credit and Risk Analysis
- Strategic Performance Management in Emerging Markets
- Correspondent Bank Analysis
- Ecommerce from a management perspective
- Recoveries and Workouts

In the past fifteen years we have completed projects in the U.S. with banks and professional services firms. Our materials are licensed and used worldwide by Central Banks including the U.S. Federal Reserve. Internationally, we work on all continents, in most major languages, in all of the above areas of expertise. We have extensive experience in working with multicultural groups of participants.

We combine research, consulting and management development as part of our mandates, so that our projects go beyond simple delivery of prepared courses. Almost everything we do is modularized and customized. Our seminars include lectures, case studies (often derived from client records), simulation, readings, and workshops. We match the most current readings with the flow of the program, often adapting the readings to the participants’ comments and questions.

Our research is grounded research. We interview managers and recreate cases from business relationships in order to capture essential data in the field.

Consultative Methods
We work in applied contingencies theory — there are rarely simple answers to questions. The client is asked to deal with an enormous amount of data in a very short period of time.

Instructional Method
We work in two essential fields — multi-criteria decision analysis and scenario development. Participants must organize the analysis of risk into hierarchical choices. These scenarios are “stress” tested to ascertain risks of a variety of business alternatives.

In addition to these methods, we establish and maintain a close working relationship with both the client’s staff and line managers. Although we bring a rather broad multinational perspective, there is no substitute for the client’s own experience.

Known for its simulation methodology, The Banking Group uses simulation to support the learning objectives of the seminar. Offered as a “live” case study, the simulation can be used to build group and team decision dynamics or even as an evaluative tool.

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