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A DEDICATED TEAM represents The Banking Group on all of your engagements. They know the industry and your firm, and they collaborate with you to share information and knowledge often, without cost. The working collaboration is to accelerate the learning, not the traditional seller/purchaser interaction. Our clients have access, on short notice, to our research capabilities for any issue, even if peripheral to the mandate. The TBG team sees the sharing of information with our clients and the response to research requests as the foundation of doing business.

PRECOURSE MATERIAL is customized and refreshed on a real-time basis. Although distribution can be through any channel, we create a portal for your project that offers participants who are interested in advancing their own preparation, access to a wide range of material before the seminar. With all of our clients, we introduce the concept of extensive knowledge management in the projects.

SEMINAR LOGISTICS ARE MANAGED BY EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS who are part of the dedicated team. Our staff is accessible 24/7 for logistics and the delivery teams will go anywhere, anytime, at the request of our clients. Technical coordination, particularly for computers, can be supported anywhere in the world.

SEMINAR MATERIALS ARE NOTEWORTHY for their clarity, but we also respond to the format required by our clients, including templates and organizational structure compatible with the firms' materials. We always add color to handouts, covers, and case studies; and we insert oversized (11x17) handouts, high quality reprints and wall posters to every seminar.

SEMINAR CASES AND WORKSHOPS are tailored for every course, for every client. They contain the most recently published financials and reports from analysts and are specific to the region on which the event focuses.

A COMPREHENSIVE COURSE SYLLABUS is always provided with guidelines that participants can use to follow the flow of material.

THE SEMINAR ROOM will always have voluminous optional readings, wall posters, and publications ordered specifically from industry experts. Often, the publishing houses are happy to send complimentary copies of Euromoney or American Banker, or journals. Our logistics team manages the process.

INSTRUCTION IS PRESENTED IN DIGITAL FORMAT FOR PROJECTION and the slides correspond to but are different from the notebook information. In the case of seminars delivered by the clients and prepared by our Group, the instructors' notes are integrated into the presentation.

LIVE LINKS ARE IMBEDDED into the presentations and the notebook materials to add depth in situations where web access is available.

ALL COURSE MATERIALS ARE DISTRIBUTED ON A CD-ROM that allows participants the ability to review on their own computers and leave an enormous volume of material behind.

FOLLOW-ON LEARNING MATERIALS are placed on the portal for all participants. They are not merely encouraged to continue to follow the subject matter, but also have our team members available for questions on an ongoing basis.

SIMPLE BILLING procedures prevail as we accommodate our clients. Contracts and invoices are tailored to the clients’ needs and format. Every effort is made to reduce costs so our team is accustomed to advanced booking of transportation tickets and video conferencing as an alternative.


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