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Kurt Kendis, Managing Director
An international economist with 30 years experience in multinational financial services organizations, Kurt Kendis has worked as a strategist, analyst and consultant for boards, senior managers and executives worldwide. With a background in academia, he is currently Managing Director at The Banking Group, Inc. His subject matter expertise is global strategic management, multinational risk, executive and board development, and international trade finance. Mr. Kendis has developed a unique approach to problem-solving, where a firm’s own data is used to project alternative future scenarios for senior manager’s consideration...[more]

Amy Carter, Business Manager
to be update [more]

Amy Happ, Senior Project Manager
A professional project manager with seven years' experience in the management development and e-learning industry, Amy has worked as a department manager, business development consultant, project manager, and instructional designer for various consulting engagements, curriculum development initiatives, and technology enabled learning projects. With knowledge of instructional design and learning methodologies, Amy has consulted with numerous clients to develop computer simulations modeling their business, role-play exercises that hone key employee skills, as well as create entire classroom seminars that meet skill-related objectives...[more]

Michael Luong, Senior Consultant
Michael Luong is a senior consultant at The Banking Group. With a background in finance and six years of experience, he has worked as an analyst and consultant to multinational firms and central banks on strategy, bank risk, finance, and innovation....[more]







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