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Information Needed by TBG prior to the seminar
- Start time first morning
- Participant list (designated teams)
- Seminar location (address/phone)
- Hotel accommodations: confirmation for direct bill and number of participants
- Directions to seminar/hotel
- Contact person at seminar/hotel
- Where to ship materials
- Photocopying facilities (location, fees, hours of operation)*

Main Lecture Room Setup
- Tables set in a U-Shape*
- (2) flip charts with markets*
- Projection screen (with spare bulbs)*
- Overheard transparency machine*
- Computer projection equipment*
- Notepads, pens/pencils for participants
- (2) Extra worktables*: one in the front, one in the back

Syndicate/Breakout Rooms
It is requested that these rooms be arranged close to each other

Computer Systems*
- PC Pentium 233 Mhz processor (at minimum)
- 3 GB harddrive
- 3.5" floppy disk drive
- CD-Rom drive
- 64 MB Ram (at minimum)
- Windows 95
- PLEASE no COMPAQ PRO computers or Windows NT Operating System

- Flip chart with markers and extra paper
- Work table for 5-6 people
- Water pitcher with glasses
- Blank transparencies and pens

Facilitator Room
Computer System - the specifications are the same as those for the breakout rooms
(2) HP LaserJet printers (preferably 5 Series or provide drivers)*
(3) Reams of printer paper*
(1) Large worktable*
(2) Extra toner/ink cartridges for printer*

* These items are essential to the seminar. Please contact AMY CARTER if these materials are unavailable or if substitutes must be made.

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