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The world of training and management development is not migrating wholesale to the internet and nobody expects it will. There exist, however, legacy libraries of workbooks and materials which should soon be converted to digital formats. Each day we provide our clients with conversion services, from the simple substitution of HTML documents for paper-based workbooks, to full blown instructional revamp efforts. It all must be converted; the question is when and how. We have four service levels.

Straightforward conversion
Usually done on a per page basis, it creates an internet or intranet readable version of the legacy inventory. Some value may be added, but for credit and policy manuals, this simple level of service is usually priced by the page.

Digital renewal of existing courses

This converts the old books and workbooks but adds the features normal for a digital effort—glossaries, cross references, and imbedded linkage to the internet. The user of this material will not see a ‘page turner’ but a contemporary training interface. This can be considered not only a conversion but an upgrade. We see this appropriate for credit and policy manuals as well as training.

Value Added Redesign of existing legacy courses

We add the instructional design component to each project. The full use of mastery tests, scoring and tracking converts old courses into true e-learning platforms. We can incorporate digital video which can be cross-referenced. This service level presupposes an existing platform to be renewed or upgraded.

For totally new offerings

We offer needs analysis and instructional design leading to a fully integrated and digital training product. Each full project has a dedicated project team and the client is involved thoroughly in the entire continuum. We often build continuing education portals as a part of these interventions.


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