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Over 30 years of experience in global information and consultancy services...


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How you can utilize our 35 years of experience in global information and consultancy services...

Senior Executive Advisory

A dedicated team who researches all available sources will provide analysis, views, and second opinions which constantly benchmark against the global best practices. For specific assignments or a daily flow of information, you can rely on our advisory services for current, broad-based information and guidance based on real world examples and experiences not speculation.

Global Management Development
We can build the core competencies of your senior managers with our comprehensive portfolio. Our portfolio includes case studies, simulations, relevant and current handouts and workshops. We offer seminars, courses, workshops and conferences which are based on analysis of data and comprehensive instructional design. You choose when and where the events are staged and they can include global video conferencing. Every participant develops a knowledge management plan utilizing components from our portfolio for use after the course.

Professional Communities of Practice
Mandates do not end with an event or report but continue in a learning platform. Managers use the Internet or an intranet, which provides a compelling environment, to remain ahead of the information curve, not merely up to date. These Communities of Practice are tailored for the company, the population and the region chosen as a part of the project design.

Special Studies and Analysis
With a track record in efficient utilization of research sources, we offer special analysis and opinions for transactions, research topics, second opinions, and due diligence wherever and whenever our clients require them. All material and commentary is kept at the highest levels of confidentiality, with a dedicated team for each project. We do not publish or repeat analysis or results unless required by the clients’ mandates.

History of The Banking Group
The Banking Group was formed in 1986 to offer value-added service to firms in financial services and/or are affiliated with banks. Over 12,000 senior managers have participated in the Banking Group's projects in every major economy in the world. The Group offers a unique concentration in information gathering and simulation of alternative scenarios - whether the information is numeric or narrative. Our limited number of clients considers our work different and superior to other firms because of the data and the confidentiality.


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