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Over 30 years of experience in global information and consultancy services...
Erisks is the leading provider of strategic solutions for risk and capital management. We deliver a unique combination of world-class analytics for risk based capital, strategic risk management expertise, risk transfer advice and risk information. Erisks is an affiliate of Oliver Wyman.
Formerly a division of JP Morgan, RiskMetrics Group was spun-off as an independent company in 1998. RiskMetrics Group empowers institutions and their clients around the world to make better investment decisions.
Currently being developed by the ASTEC Consulting Group, wants to become your one stop portal to risk acpital news and analysis.
An easy to use risk management site for business professionals who understand the importance of high quality, dynamic intelligence in today's competitive marketplace.
NetRisk's mission is to bring cost-effective, practical, leading edge risk solutions to clients. To do so it is creating on-line communities and risk analytic software delivered via the internet.
The Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. (RIMS) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the practice of risk management, a professional discipline that protects physical, financial and human resources. They also publish Risk Management magazine.
The Global Association of Risk Professionals is an independent organizationof risk management practitioners and researchers, founded by a group of risk managers from the finance industry who felt that the financial risk management profession should extend beyond the risk control departments of financial institutions.
Updated weekly, GTNews is the number one website for corporate treasury, used by over 26,000 treasury professionals globally when they have an information requirement or problem to solve. Featuring all in-depth archive consisting of hundreds of articles, directories, and case studies, GTNews covers all aspects of the profession globally.
RMA was founded in 1914 to help commercial bankers make better lending decisions through the exchange of credit information. Today, RMA is the only professional association that specializes in promoting effective and prudent risk management practices for institutions of all sizes across the entire financial services industry.

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