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Essential Reading on the Financial Crisis:

These sites are updated regularly:
Financial Times summary of Global Financial Crisis
New York Times NYTimes credit crisis essentials 
IRA   The IRA Bank Stress Index 
GT news The Credit Crisis Timeline

Follow the news and notes on Lehman Brothers

Financial times extraordinary graphic on the crisis

Paul Krugman's PPT presentation on why the crisis occurred

These readings are excellent summaries:

NewYorker Anatome of a Meltdown

NY Times The reckoning

Net capital rule 2004

Citibank story NYTimes 

And one of my favorites:Michael Lewis' article revealing how it all came about:



  play the Bailout Game
Best Review of the Financial Crisis man be found
in this video of a teach-in at Wharton in October
.More to Come

For the full table of losses and capital raised click this link source: Bloomberg

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